Friday, April 20, 2012

Dildo Secrets!

Most gay men own one or more sex toys, but we’re pretty shy about talking about them! Because of that, most of us also usually only have hearsay knowledge about what they’re made of, how to take care of them and how to use them. 

It doesn’t help that most dildos and butt toys are stamped with a disclaimer that reads "for novelty use only.” This is how manufacturers get away with not including any instructions about their use or care or even listing their ingredients on the label. It’s also how they avoid lawsuits from people who injure themselves from playing with the toys that they make.

Regardless of any brand name or proprietary substance that manufacturers claim to have invented, sex toys are really only made out of three major materials. The first, most popular and cheapest of them is Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR).

The overwhelming majority (80%) of all packaged sex toys are made of TPR. That’s because it is inexpensive and easily formed into lots of different shapes through injection molding. A secret about TPR that no manufacturers ever tell you is that it only has a shelf life of six to eight years. After that it begins to break down.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Web Deal of the Week: Asslock Intruder

Save 20% on the Asslock Intruder! Now only $39.00! Fun for play, and super sexy to wear under your clothes as a kinky surprise for your man.

Plus get free shipping to continental US addresses on orders over $75!

This web offer lasts till April 19 and is limited to stock on hand while supplies last. This toy is very popular, so don't delay!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cellblock 13: First at Gear!

Cellblock13 Prizefighter Jock 
First at Gear! Cellblock 13's sexy blend of fetish and fashion.

Timoteo has amped up its fetish appeal with this new line of regular and open-back briefs in a new cool-as-fuck stretch mesh that both conceals and shows off your junk! Great for pool parties, play, or getting a little slutty under your work clothes. We have the very first pieces in Southern California, with more styles to come! 

Pictured above: The Prizefighter Jock. Lo-rise athletic brief styling with a sexy, open back. Available in red, blue and yellow.

Cellblock 13 is available exclusively in Palm Springs at our retail store.

Prizefighter Blue Mechanic Brief Blue Prizefighter Red
Prizefighter Red Gridiron Yellow Gridiron Yellow
Prizefighter Yellow Prizefighter Blue Mechanic Brief Red

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Web Deal of the Week: 665 Neoprene Play Chaps

This week, save 30% on web orders for our 665 Neoprene Play Chaps, plus get them shipped free in the continental US too! 

Our Play Chaps are made of sturdy 2.0 mm rubberized neoprene, with flat stitch construction for a great fit and feel. They have a lowrise front with open crotch and a regular rise in the rear. They’re shown here with black piping, but they’re also available with red and yellow piping too. See all of the colors and lots of NSFW shots on our website.

This web offer lasts till April 12 and is limited to stock on hand while supplies last.