Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oxballs Nuttsling


Oxballs introduces a new version of the most popular cock and ball wear of the year! The Nuttsling is a Cocksling, but with a longer ball stretcher that has a hidden ring halfway up the inside to keep your nads from slipping backwards. We love it for the extra tug it provides, plus it's extra fun for fucking because of the way it makes your balls slap against your pig's ass!

Nuttlsings are made of the same incredibly stretchy TPR as the Cocksling and are available both online and in the store in Black, Clear, Red, Orange and Zinc. For more pics and online ordering, click here.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oxballs Dick Plugs

“So daaaamn!!! The Oxballs Dick Plug is my new favorite toy thanks to you!! It's insane how good and crazy it feels. The first time I did it I wouldn't stop oozing precum, even long after! Hot!!!!”

MEATPLUG #1 by OXBALLS-black-sm SIL-PLUG-3 by OXBALLS zink

Take it from our customers, Oxballs Dick Plugs are a ton of fun to play with. They’re shorter than traditional sounds which makes them great for beginners who want to try pisshole play or expansion. The sensation is like jacking your dick from the inside!

The silicone ones are soft enough to mold to the shape of your piss-tube, but are firm enough to slide inside or even fuck your pisshole like a dick-dildo. They’ll even flex while you stoke! The metal ones are made from mirror polished aircraft aluminum and can be electrified for an incredible sensation!

The pictures here are just a sample of the colors, sizes and shapes we have available. They’re available both in the Palm Springs store and online.

Web Sale Extended: Neoprene Open Crotch Singlets

Everybody's favorite Neoprene Open-Crotch Singlet is now only $79 ($20 off!). Get yours with Black, Blue, Red or Yellow piping. Plus when you order $100 or more, get domestic US Shipping! We've got other great web specials too! Check 'em out here. 

Hurry! This offer is for web orders only, is limited to supplies on hand and will expire soon!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer Nasty Pig!


Our Nasty Pig Summer Collection has arrived and it’s filled with looks that are great for the gym, the bar or the streets! Above is the sexy, soft 265 Hoodie, available in Black, Blue and Green.

Below from left to right are the coordinating Game and Tackle Shorts, also available in the same colors. If you liked last year’s NP fleeces, you’ll love these re-imagined versions with even sexier cuts! Also reinvented for this summer, the Service Shirt 2.0, for a rockin’ mechanic look. Available in Gray and Army Olive.

The coordinating Shutdown Jerseys and Shorts (in Black and Columbia Blue) are amazing tanks and trunks with super-flattering fits and hot, butch screen print and embroidered details. And what’s summer without a great tee? The Wings shirt features an NP logo on the front and a cool biker graphic on the backside.

NP clothes are only available in the Palm Springs store.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nasty Pig Clearance


Our Summer 2011 Nasty Pig Collection has just arrived, so it’s time to make some room for the new stuff and offer you a special deal on what’s been discontinued. Our fantastic limited edition Double Zip Racers (awesome to play in!) and favorite Trade Short are now 25% off! The Racers come in both Red and Yellow and the Trade Short is available in both Grey and Black.

These items are only available in the Palm Springs store and only a limited number of sizes are left. Stop in soon to get yours!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Let's Talk About Sex

So you’ve met a hot, kinky guy and think that you’d like to play with him. How do you know for certain that he’s right for you and that you’re likely to have a good time together? You negotiate.

Negotiating a scene involves being able to have a frank discussion about your likes, dislikes, limits and safe words. It’s both an art and a skill, but it’s a talent that can be developed with practice. It’s also fun!

Some people find it difficult to talk about sex or what they enjoy sexually. Sometimes this is because of societal pressure to hide our sexuality or be ashamed of our desires. More often than not, though, it’s because someone doesn’t actually know what they like, or if they do, they don’t have the skills to express it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fantastic New Consignments

PuppyFront PuppySide

A large estate and a shuttered business have just chosen to consign their merchandise at the store, packing our Vintage Gear department with a ton of amazing new pieces!

They include the deluxe Mr. S puppy cage shown above; a stunning collection of no-longer-attainable, hand-crafted floggers by the renowned Janette Heartwood; heavy-gauge, premium-quality latex clothing from famous makers worldwide; lifelike puppy hoods from RubberDawg; a unique leather and denim straightjacket; and beautiful leather clothing, accessories, hoods and toys from well-known manufacturers too numerous to mention!

Many of these items are rare pieces that are no longer manufactured and difficult to find. Don't miss this chance to own something truly special! Stop in today for the best selection.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

IML Web Sale!

Are you ready for IML? Gear up now during our special IML Web Sale! Save 15%, plus get free domestic shipping on orders over $100. International customers get a special gift with purchase. Use code IML2011 at checkout to get your discount.

This offer is good for web orders on regular priced, in-stock merchandise through 9 pm PST on April 8. Visit and shop early for best selection!

New Fusion Silicone Lubes!

Elbow Grease has re-launched and expanded its premium Fusion line of silicone lubes! Now you've got three versions to choose from: the Original super-concentrated formula; new Deep Action, an ultra-thick version for advanced penetration; and Double Impact, a non-staining hybrid that cleans up easily with soap and water!

Not only do they come in the best packaging we've ever seen--a sexy, black, non-slip grip bottle with a locking, leak-free pump--but they're also priced less than similar quality lubes from other companies. We think they're awesome!

Fusion lubes are only available in the Palm Springs store.