Monday, April 11, 2011

Fantastic New Consignments

PuppyFront PuppySide

A large estate and a shuttered business have just chosen to consign their merchandise at the store, packing our Vintage Gear department with a ton of amazing new pieces!

They include the deluxe Mr. S puppy cage shown above; a stunning collection of no-longer-attainable, hand-crafted floggers by the renowned Janette Heartwood; heavy-gauge, premium-quality latex clothing from famous makers worldwide; lifelike puppy hoods from RubberDawg; a unique leather and denim straightjacket; and beautiful leather clothing, accessories, hoods and toys from well-known manufacturers too numerous to mention!

Many of these items are rare pieces that are no longer manufactured and difficult to find. Don't miss this chance to own something truly special! Stop in today for the best selection.

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