Saturday, April 23, 2011

Oxballs Dick Plugs

“So daaaamn!!! The Oxballs Dick Plug is my new favorite toy thanks to you!! It's insane how good and crazy it feels. The first time I did it I wouldn't stop oozing precum, even long after! Hot!!!!”

MEATPLUG #1 by OXBALLS-black-sm SIL-PLUG-3 by OXBALLS zink

Take it from our customers, Oxballs Dick Plugs are a ton of fun to play with. They’re shorter than traditional sounds which makes them great for beginners who want to try pisshole play or expansion. The sensation is like jacking your dick from the inside!

The silicone ones are soft enough to mold to the shape of your piss-tube, but are firm enough to slide inside or even fuck your pisshole like a dick-dildo. They’ll even flex while you stoke! The metal ones are made from mirror polished aircraft aluminum and can be electrified for an incredible sensation!

The pictures here are just a sample of the colors, sizes and shapes we have available. They’re available both in the Palm Springs store and online.

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