Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Stacker, From Oxballs


You can always count on Gear to have the newest and best stuff from the nasty pigs at Oxballs. One of our very favorite new toys is The Stacker ball stretcher. They’re about an inch tall and tight enough to grip your sack no matter what size nuts you pack. Start with one. It's super stretchy, yet comfortable, like a warm hand grabbin' your balls. Then add another (or more!) for a low n' swingin' feeling.

And the fun doesn't end with your balls! The Stacker also makes a tight thick cockring too.

Stackers are made of Tech-TPR, the stretchiest material around. They’re compatible with all lubes and easy to clean. Just use detergent and warm water.

Get yours in the store or online!

Stack of Stackers!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PNP, BB, UB2: The Language of Cruising & You

If you’re sexually active and cruise online for play, you’ve no doubt run across acronyms like PNP (for “party and play”), BB (for “bareback sex”), D/DF (for “drug and disease free”), UB2 (for “you be too,” usually in reference to being D/DF) and the term “clean,” which is most often used to denote not having HIV.

If we as a leather and kink community live by the credo of trust, honor and respect, then how we use words like these and how they function as part our cruising rituals ought to give us pause and provoke discussion. I’ve been thinking about them a lot lately, so I’d like to talk about them this week. I’m not here to judge anyone’s sexual practices, but I do want us to consider how what we eroticize (and what we don’t!) can affect ourselves, our brothers and our community.

The more I chat online with younger gay men, the more I’ve noticed two trends that I find disturbing: (1) the increasing intermingling of sex with drugs, especially in kinky sex play, combined with a decreasing concern about one’s HIV status; and (2) a sort of opposite, phobic concern about HIV and a demonization of people who are positive.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Web Deal of the Week: Free Boy Butter!

We've had a lot of in-store promotions lately, so today we want to share the love with our web customers! Here are two deals just for you: Place an order for $40 or more and get a free bottle of Boy Butter Original Lube (an $18.95 value)! Order $100 or more and get free ground shipping in the contiguous US as well!

Boy Butter Original is an oil-based lubricant made with two powerful, yet gentle ingredients: a coconut oil and an organic silicone blend. They're homogenized just like real butter, resulting in a luxurious personal lubricant that will last as long as any synthetic or silicone lubricants, yet washes off with water alone (from both skin and fabric!). Boy Butter Original is long lasting, hypoallergenic and is safe on all toys.

This offer will last only as long as our supplies do and is not redeemable in our store.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Look Who Dropped By!

Custom Leather Bears!

Three little bears wandered into Gear yesterday! They're part of a great new collection of consignments that include a Fetters canvas sleep sack, authentic fraternity paddles, vintage Hiatt Darby Handcuffs, and classic books like The Leatherman's Handbook and Ties That Bind.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Toy Blowout!


You've always been able to count on Gear for the Desert's biggest selection of toys at the best prices, but right now that's truer than ever!

One of our distributors just offered us some super deals, so we made a huge buy and are passing the savings on to you! We're stuffed to the rafters with a giant, new collection of butt toys, cock and ball wear, restraints, pumping devices, J/O sleeves and more at prices that can't be beat. And it's all from brands you know, like Doc Johnson, Rascal and Colt! Drop in now for the best selection. Some of this stuff will never be available at prices this low again!

The summer toy blowout is in the Palm Springs store only, but we've got special deals for our online shoppers too. Check 'em out here

Ruff Pig Sling Stand


This sling stand is so awesome that a famous online pig store re-branded it as its own and debuted it at this year's IML—where it sold out in record time! Before that happened, however, the original product run was made available to a few select retailers (like us!) and we were able to score three. We believe that we're the only brick-and-mortar store anywhere that has any left, and when they're gone, they're most likely gone for good! 

Ruff Pigs are built by kinksters in the back room of a world-famous off-road racing parts fabricator. They're made of strong, lightweight 16 gauge steel tubing that's been powder coated in sexy black, so they don't rust or tarnish like other sling frames.  They're also taller than most, so you have more room to play, plus they have eight restraint points so you can also use 'em for bondage! They assemble in less than five minutes, and thanks to their tight, precision fit and adjustable feet, there's less shaking when you're ass-up and ready to get plowed!

Walk out with your very own Ruff Pig for only $299, which is WAY LESS than the online direct-shipped price.

Ruff Pigs are exclusively available in the Palm Springs store.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Lube Stock-Up Sale!

It's our Summer Lube Stock-Up Sale! Nobody in the Desert has a better selection, and now for four days--Monday, August 8 till Thursday, August 11--you can save 20% on every ounce of it! Water-based, silicone, hybrids, creams, even lube that looks like cum... Save on all of it in every size!

This offer is valid for in-store purchases only. Online sales excluded.

Instigator: New Issue


What goes better with new lube than a new stroke mag? A fresh Instigator Magazine has just arrived and fetish-fuckers everywhere are already saying that it's the best one ever! It's filled with drool-worthy art and photography, plus you may even learn a thing or two.

Got a fetish for old-school dudes? We've got some cool vintage mags from the '80s and '90s in our Consignment Department too!