Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ruff Pig Sling Stand


This sling stand is so awesome that a famous online pig store re-branded it as its own and debuted it at this year's IML—where it sold out in record time! Before that happened, however, the original product run was made available to a few select retailers (like us!) and we were able to score three. We believe that we're the only brick-and-mortar store anywhere that has any left, and when they're gone, they're most likely gone for good! 

Ruff Pigs are built by kinksters in the back room of a world-famous off-road racing parts fabricator. They're made of strong, lightweight 16 gauge steel tubing that's been powder coated in sexy black, so they don't rust or tarnish like other sling frames.  They're also taller than most, so you have more room to play, plus they have eight restraint points so you can also use 'em for bondage! They assemble in less than five minutes, and thanks to their tight, precision fit and adjustable feet, there's less shaking when you're ass-up and ready to get plowed!

Walk out with your very own Ruff Pig for only $299, which is WAY LESS than the online direct-shipped price.

Ruff Pigs are exclusively available in the Palm Springs store.

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  1. Thanks guys, but this item is now sold out! Special orders may still be available. Contact us for details.


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