Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Stacker, From Oxballs


You can always count on Gear to have the newest and best stuff from the nasty pigs at Oxballs. One of our very favorite new toys is The Stacker ball stretcher. They’re about an inch tall and tight enough to grip your sack no matter what size nuts you pack. Start with one. It's super stretchy, yet comfortable, like a warm hand grabbin' your balls. Then add another (or more!) for a low n' swingin' feeling.

And the fun doesn't end with your balls! The Stacker also makes a tight thick cockring too.

Stackers are made of Tech-TPR, the stretchiest material around. They’re compatible with all lubes and easy to clean. Just use detergent and warm water.

Get yours in the store or online!

Stack of Stackers!

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