Sunday, May 13, 2012

OxBalls Cock Sheaths

New Oxballs Cocksheaths
In the old days, cock extenders were thick and hard and often broke when you tried to stretch ‘em around your nuts. But now OxBalls is in the game with three super-charged brand-new versions that are simply amazing!

Because OxBalls sheaths and splints are made out of their fantastic premium Flex TPR, they’re easy to get in and out of and they bend and move with your cock as you fuck. It’s like stuffing a supersized version of the real you inside your man! And it feels great for both both of you! Why? Cuz your bottom gets plowed extra wide and deep and you get an awesome tug on your balls while you drill him!

A lot of engineering went into making these fuckers work just right. The bottom end features the famous stretchy OxBalls CockSling base. (How stretchy? Try over 200%!) But as you get further up the shaft, the rigidity increases more and more so that each one acts and feels like a real dick—not just a fake floppy add-on. It’s a super cool innovation that is totally rocking the cock enhancer universe!

Get ‘em in three versions: The Dude is gnarly and veiny and gives you extra with and length. The GymBoy is smoother, but with a big head for an extra pop. And the Turbo Splint is extra bumpy, but leaves your head exposed for extra stimulation. (Wanna feel those bumps against your shaft instead? This one’s reversible!)

Each sheath is available in three colors: Solid Black, semi-transparent Ice Blue or totally transparent Clear. Click the links above for more pics of each version as well as their exact dimensions.

OxBalls extenders are available both in-store and online, but in limited qualities till June. Get yours first at Gear! BTW, order online and get a free bonus 100ml bottle of Eros Lube till May 18.

Stretch TestTurbo Splint in ClearDude in BlackGymBoy in Blue

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Get Ready for IML Web Sale

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Headed to IML? Now's the perfect time to get ready! 

We've got more stock than ever in the store, plus there's still time for us to order you something that we might be out of in your size. And to top it all off, we're also having a great WEB SALE! 

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