Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oxballs Powerball and Splitsling

Powerball / Slitsling

Our buddy Ox has done it again! Now there are two more cock and ball toys in the Oxballs ultra-FLEX TPR arsenal!

If you like jelly cockrings, then you’ll love the new Powerball ring. You can stretch it to gigantic sizes and it won’t break, plus the three anti-slip balls at the bottom are engineered specially to make it stay put. Finally a jelly ring which doesn’t slide up your balls and lose effectiveness! Available in all eight colors shown.

The Splitsling is another variation on the world-famous Cocksling, this time with an added ball splitter (very much like the Oxballs Splitz). If you always wished your Cocksling had some added ball support and enhancement, then this is the perfect accessory for you! Available in Black, Clear, Red, Blue and Yellow.

At the moment these toys are a Gear exclusive and only available online (click the links above for more pix and to order), but we’ll also have them in the store later in the week. And don’t forget, because of our special relationship with Ox, our web shop always has every new toy the minute it is released, plus it’s just about the only place there is that carries the entire Oxballs line. Shop us first for all of your favorite butt and cock and ball toys! 

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