Friday, July 1, 2011

Web Deal of the Week: 20% off Cocksling/Nuttsling Combo

Cocksling Nuttsling

Get two of the best selling Oxballs cock and ball toys of all time and a great deal too! 

Buy a Cocksling in one color and a Nuttsling in a different one and save 20%! The regular price for the two items sold separately is $52.00, but if you buy them together you’ll get ‘em for only $41.60! Plus get free continental US shipping on all orders over $100! Order here.

This offer is good for web purchases only and expires on July 9, 2011. Quantities limited to stock on hand.


  1. Take this down - it has expired or has it?

  2. It has expired. But we leave up posts for sales after they have expired so that people can see the sort of deals they'll be able to get if they follow us, plus learn more about our merchandise. This post was explicit about the end of the sale (July 9), but you're right that we do need to be better at being clear about when our other sales expire. Thanks for your feedback!


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