Friday, September 28, 2012

Introducing First Friday HIV Testing at Gear

Starting Friday, October 5, and continuing the first Friday of every month, Gear will be hosting free, confidential, rapid HIV testing conducted by Desert AIDS Project from 2-5 pm.  


Because we think it’s essential for everyone to know their HIV status.

Knowing your status helps you make smarter decisions about your life and play. For positive guys, it’s the first step to getting the treatment that you need to live a long and healthy life. It also helps you avoid passing the virus to anyone else. In fact, nowadays it’s almost impossible for poz guys who take their meds to spread HIV. That’s pretty amazing.

Why at Gear?

Because we believe in supporting men who play hard.

We know that it’s not always easy to be open about your kinks in a traditional medical setting. So we’ve put our own spin on HIV testing. First, we’ve brought it to a place where you already know that nothing is taboo. More importantly, we’ve made sure that the guys who are administering the tests are real players, just like you.

How does it work?

Just drop in and let one of our staffers know that you’re here to get a test. They’ll take you to the office, where a DAP volunteer will swab your cheek with a special test stick. It takes about twenty minutes for the swab to its job, so hang out and enjoy the store for a bit. When the results are in, you’ll be called back into the office to get your info.

It’s free. It’s painless. And it’s confidential.

To celebrate our October kickoff, we’ll have a special gift—courtesy of Elbow Grease—for everybody who drops in for testing.

Play Hard! And know your status!

For more information about HIV testing, Call DAP at 760-323-2118.

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